About Ramnath Foundation


The mission is to make India a clean & green nation and to build an academic institution where every section of society is empowered and inspired to take action, fight for their rights and is no one is devoid of their basic rights.”


The Ramnath Foundation by adopting a holistic Human Rights approach to sustainable development envisions India as a nation where no person is denied basic rights due to any form of discrimination. We are striving to break the vicious cycle of illiteracy, malnutrition, ill-health, poverty, abuse, and violence affecting people living in deplorable conditions. Our creative vision is to alleviate poverty and enhance the living condition of people & children living in slums by working on building a mechanism and providing them with a platform where they take control of their own lives, become self-reliant in providing for their basic needs. We are actively working towards making people aware of the importance of health and education through awareness campaigns and plantation drives, engaging them to plant and grow trees and work towards providing a clean and green and hospitable environment, clean air to us, and our future generations.


1. To carefully protect and preserve the environment and raise awareness about the cultural significance of sustainable development for properly maintaining ecological balance.

2. To endorse human rights, provide free legal aid, and a low-cost education for the overall development of underprivileged and in particular the rights of the children and women.

3. To efficiently create an academic institution for social & economic development of underprivileged children particularly those who in common are:
a. Exposed to any form of abuse,
b. Deprived of basic rights,
c. Suffering from ill health, physical and mental.

4. To create a nepotism and discrimination-free platform and build an institution where every child gets an equal opportunity to explore and portray their talents.

5. To enthusiastically encourage healthcare development and health promotion of people living in deplorable conditions in India.

6. To conduct a study on various social issues from time to time, gather data, and carry out research and organize campaigns for awareness on the aforesaid issues by disseminating information among the general public.

7. To associate itself with any other institution, Society or Association, having objectives wholly or in part, similar to those of this Society and to co-operate with any person or body of persons in furtherance of such objectives.

8. To encourage, promote, and popularize voluntary work among people.