Message from the founder

Mr. SHOBHIT GARG ( Founder /Chief Functionary )


Shobhit, A dynamic lawyer by profession and philanthropist by heart, founded this NGO 7 years back. He is carrying forward his dream of elevating mankind into its highest degree, and in pursuance of his dream he is meticulously working on it. He has been awarded on various occasions for his actions & dedication towards social work. He is also the founder of Legum Praxis, a legal cell of RNF which focuses on providing free legal education and free legal aid. He has presented various research papers which also got published in the National and International journals. He, with great success, had launched the Meerut green city campaign with the aim to plant 200 trees in 2016-17. Now he is working day in and day out to cherish this aim of philanthropy.

My dear fellow citizens The Ramnath Foundation allows an excellent opportunity for the society to deliver beneficial change in its diverse areas like in the modern arena of Education, help to experience the increasing challenges to Global Environment, Gender inequalities, free Legal Aid and urgent medical facilities to the people in dire need.

It is a pleasant journey of philanthropy we are taking collectively to meet challenges before society, we utilize an opportunity to require another significant leap forward and expand the foundation’s impact at an unprecedented rate and in a short period of time.

In order to achieve our goals of elevating humankind, we are embarking on the most ambitious projects like Education to slum children, Green city campaigns, blood donation camps, Ramnath Foundation’s Scholarship program every year, Prevention of Suicide, The Ramnath Foundation’s Public library, legal aid cell .i.e. Legum Praxis (Lawyers for the people) etc.

Our aim is to provide urgent help to people in need of care and protection, let us move forward with passion but also with purpose, and most of all let us be mindful of working for philanthropy as the impact of our contributions to society will be effectively utilized.

I cordially invite you to naturally extend this arduous journey as you can adequately explore the official website and will carefully consider it and promptly becoming an active member in shaping the modern society with the effective tools of modern philanthropy and traditionally think about the beneficial impact you can make through and ready to traditionally write the most glorious chapter of humankind.


Ms. Anmol Maheshwari (Founding Member, Former Vice-President & Patron RN Foundation)

Anmol was introduced to the world of animals since the day she was born and grew up stargazing with her dog who also happened to be her best friend. She has a deep-rooted, unconditional love for animals and this is where her thoughts match our mission to fight for the rights of those devoid of fundamental rights. Being a proud dog mom she has helped in rescuing many animals found in distressful conditions and also helps in rescue and rehabilitation of animals.

She has a knack for content writing, design and social media and a strong passion for animals. She is also the face behind RNF’s social media platforms and is involved in conceptualizing and organizing events, campaigns, fund raising programs for RNF.

Anmol is a post-graduate in law from Gujarat National Law University and is working as Research Fellow (Legal) with the Department of Commerce, Government of India.

Mr. Udit Chaudhary, ( Executive Manager )

Udit Is a dental surgeon by profession and appointed by The  Ramnath foundation five  years ago as an executive manager, his charismatic personality makes him deem fit for this office. When most of the youngsters  inclined towards their own life  he always have had a thought for the betterment of the society and a true passion for social service, he also feels that be it a developed or developing Nations it’s the citizen who speaks well of their Nation.

So, in order to achieve betterment in your surroundings and to hold it with a title of “sarey jahan se achha” we all should stand together, hand in hand  and serve the society more efficiently. 

Ms. Aiman Farhat , (HOD legum Praxis , Legal cell of RNF)

She is currently working in Delhi state legal Services authority , Delhi . She is a true reflection of hardwork and perseverance she conducted threadbare workshops in different schools and college based on theme say no to tobacco, and spread the awareness w.r.t COTPA . She is also a dynamic lawyer and philanthropist , presently she is pursuing her diploma in Arbitration From Indian Law Institute.